Our Business Is To Make Yours Shine

Best Quality

Scherer Cleaning uses a “tiered” approach to measure quality. Various levels of inspections occur by different stakeholders to ensure our customers are receiving the best in customer care and service.

Certified Cleaners

We consider staff training to be essential for Industry certifications are at the core of this companywide commitment towards training.

Best Products

We use EPA-approved chemicals that are proven effective against pathogens such as flu and coronavirus, and our professional cleaners follow expert recommendations.

Emergency Servicy

When you own or manage a property or a facility, emergencies are inevitable. And when emergencies do occur, Scherer Cleaning customers know they can count on us to respond quickly.

Commercial Cleaning Services

House-keeping and hygiene have a key role to get a best impression of your premises. Whether you want cleaning on a regular basis or a thorough, deep clean periodically, our specialized teams of experienced and skilled cleaners will get the job done in no time. Scherer Cleaning offers cleaning services that cater to any type of enterprise such as: Offices, schools, hospitals, care homes, clinics, hotels, retail premises, and events.

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